Be wary traveler, ye hath stumbled upon a realm which exists only because it's Mistress wills it so... Dare ye tempt thy fate?

The Sentinel ©1999, Ruth Thompson

Tower of the Winds: In the distance surrounded by a forest, is an ivory spire, glistening brightly in the light of the sun. This is the dwelling of the Valheru who created Caelemar. (under construction, but some pages are up)

Shadowfall Forest: The forest which guards the Mistress's tower - mists, shadows, and magical energies abound.. (under construction)

Plains of Caelar: Where the Clans rule, fiercely protective of their territories.. (under construction)

Diamondtear Mountains: In the distance, rays of light are shattered by the crystalline peaks... (under construction)

Dunes of Gaelan: Constant strife to win against the harsh deserts, lands which hide dangers with it's deadly beauty... (under construction)

Draca's Cup: A swath of land, rich with life... (under construction)

Outlands: Enter the wylds, traverse to other sections of existance... (under construction)

About the Creator: Just a little bio on me, the creator of Zephır and many others. 06/12/03 - added a new picture!

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Last Updated: June 12, 2003

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