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Name: Zephır-Xternal Darklighter

Nicknames/Titles: Queen of Altreas, Mistress of Shadowlight, Zhai'helleave, Shadowdancer, Mistress of Winds, Zeph, Zeppy, Z, Zep

Race/Species: Valheru/Dragonlord

Age: Far older than one would believe (phyisically appears to be in her mid to younger twenties -human terms-)

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

Eye Color: Azure (dark blue)

Hair: Raven (black with blue/violet highlights), waist length

General Description: Fair of skin, though nicely tanned from much work out of doors, her body is toned in respect, yet still maintains her very feminine qualities. Her features have the look of being elvish, yet she retains something about her which suggests otherwise.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Upon her forehead she bears the mark of her husband's race, the Crescent moon of the Stylaxian elves, being gold in color, due to her gender of being female. Upon her left shoulder is the tattoo of a dragon in flight, a mark of her truest heritage, that of the Dragonlords of the Xternal line.

General Attitude/Alignment: Though she tries to remain neutral, her heart is tender and she tries to lend a hand when possible. Very protective of what is felt to be hers, often retaliating with cruel precision when crossed.

Powers/Abilities: Zephır's truest abilities lay in shapeshifting and psionics, her elemental control being the wind and mist, she as well holds shadows within her control, yet limited in areas (note: these are innate, being naturally occuring and not any type of "magick"). Her levels of magic and pure power reach god-like in many ways, able to create and nurture life as well as cause destruction at will.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: Around her neck upon a silver chain, is a dragon, frozen in flight, created of silver edged in gold, eyes of sapphire, grasping a dark amethyst gem in it's front claws. The pendant is small yet very detailed, and it's craftsmanship known only to the wearer, and her father.

Familiars/Pets: Creakoth (Male Amethyst Dragon, 100 yrs aged), Ametysti (black panther)

Background: Zephır grew up within the Stylaxian race, her father having entrusted her care to the first king and founder. Time passed and the babe grew into youth and left the first Altrean kingdom, journeying the realms in search of something which continued to evade her. Eventually she did find her biological father, and from there her family grew, and she inturn found friends, and loves... even gaining the strongest bonds possible with her chosen mate, and then married ceremonially among friends. She now rules along side her husband, each mutually sharing the duties of rebuilding their kingdom's cities and finding the scattered race of elves who once had inhabited it.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: Due to the bonds she holds with her husband, she cannot be manipulated against her will other than by him and vice versa. Such a bonding is sacred, and holds the utmost trust and love of the ones bonded. Zephır as well now carries the Crescent dragon's essence within her, able to sprout black leathery wings, which are irridescent with shades of blue and violet, from her back where her shoulderblades lay.

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Page Created: March 31, 2000