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Name: Liliana Za'Tasha Draven

Nicknames/Titles: Tasha

Race/Species: Mostly Human, though she also carries Divine, Tiger, and Dragon

Age: 12 years

Gender: Female

Height: 4 ft 11 in

Eye Color: silver/sky blue

Hair: Silver-white with streaks of blue

General Description: A slender built child, very active. Usually seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt, shoes depending on the weather. Her hair varies in length depending on her general mood for the day.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: A single rune upon her forehead, as well as feathered wings which sprout from her back, silver-white with blue ends, inherited from her father.

General Attitude/Alignment: very curious, though a bit selfish, always wanting her way.

Powers/Abilities: She carries a potential of power, but is untrained in how to harness it for use.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: none

Familiars/Pets: none

Background: She is the daughter of Cephilia Gainan and Trent Draven, one of a litter of six children. Largely overlooked, she does anything to get attention, be it good or bad.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: none

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