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Please note: The following is a personal statement/bio from the creator of Zephır-Xternal and many other characters, along with the realm of Caelemar itself. This is purely a window into the mind of the player/GM.

Just me. :) name: Tara

nicknames: Terror, Tarable, Trouble, Tara T.

height: 5'6

weight: varies constantly, but I'm happy as long as it goes down not up *chuckles*

general attitude: There's more to me than meets the eye, as many have found out. I've a nack for appearing innocent at first when people meet me, but they learn better once they know me pretty well. I love my friends and family, and I love to have the occasional wild night out (you know, the kind where ya leave the house one day then don't come back til sometime mid morning the next day).
*Note: Too bad my "spare" time has pretty much been absorbed by school or work... :(

pets: Festus (yes, named from Gunsmoke) is my horse, he's mostly Quarter horse, though he's got a bit of Appaloosa in him. Well I say my horse.. him and my stepdad are pretty good buds. ;) I've begun collecting bettas, I currently have five that are doing pretty well! :)

habits: I have them, good and bad.. *chuckles* I love to hang with my friends, I enjoy online role playing (perhaps a bit too much sometimes), I draw, read books, entertain my animals.. I'm a dragon farmer too. *grins*

music: This is something else I enjoy doing.. listening to music. I prefer alternative (102.1 KDGE!!) to anything else. Country music tends to depress me, so to counter that, I'll listen to heavy-metal or goth (Type O Negative). I do have the occasional desire to hear new age stuff too (Enigma).

genre: This chick be big into Fantasy and Sci-fi, but more into Fantasy than anything else. You know.. Dragons, Unicorns, Elves..etc.. I do delve into the darker side of fantasy, when the mood hits me.. my more devious side comes out. *snickers* That's when people run.. hehe..

peeves: Unconstructive arguing with friends, especially online (whats the point?). Another would be going into a public restroom and finding a toilet which hasn't been flushed (is it that hard to push on the little knob?). Being rushed..(I hate when people watch over my shoulder at work, unless I'm instructing the person). Being asked the same question repetatively.. (You know who you are.. *smirks*) Distance, physical and emotional, from loved ones (I've discovered I hate it more than I thought I ever would).

Dedications: I'd like to thank my Mom and Stepdad for putting up with the many mistakes I make. I do love them a lot, especially my Mom, as she's the one who put up with the most of my crap the longest, and still loves me.. can you believe it? *grins knowingly*. They've done a lot for me, more than I ever expected them to.
Thanks to the rest of my family for being there for me, to catch my falls, and boost me up when I needed it and also the occassional kick in the arse.. (*hugs and kisses*).
To my friends, online and in real life, thank you for being the ones to listen to my gripes and complaints, you'll never really know how much that means to me, Love you all.

Page created: July 15, 2000
Last updated: September 22, 2004

persons thought this page was interesting enough to look at.. *snickers* poor souls...