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Name: Kevala Lyss Shadowmoon

Nicknames/Titles: Wolf

Race/Species: Stylaxian Elf

Age: 15 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Eye Color: steel grey

Hair: Ash (black to silver fade), waist length

General Description: Kevala is fully elven, bearing the features of such a race. She spends much time within the woods and traveling, thus has an athletic, yet still feminine build to her body.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: upon her forehead is the crescent moon mark of the Stylaxian race, gold in color, signifying her female gender.

General Attitude/Alignment: She maintains a child-like innocence of things, very gentle, shy.. yet beneath it all lays the she-wolf bond within.

Powers/Abilities: She has a natural ability to shapeshift into a silver-white she-wolf, as the wolf is her spirit-bond animal. Her magical abilities are weak, maintaining only enough power for simple healings upon her self. As most Stylaxians, Kevala can mindspeak.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: none

Familiars/Pets: Shae'lyre, a midnight black elvensteed, filly.

Background: Kevala was born after the Purges, thus carries no known memories of her own, only others that have been shared or told to her. She was raised outside of Altreas, yet is known by all the Stylaxians. Zephır brought her to the castle to work and learn the ways of healing and medicine. She and Danae largely grew up together, and are the best of friends.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: none

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