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Name: Kalyndria Moonstar Darklighter-Xternal

Nicknames/Titles: Kaly, Princess

Race/Species: Half Stylaxian Elf, Half Human

Age: 25 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Eye Color: sapphire blue

Hair: dark brown, reaching mid-thigh

General Description: She often is seen wearing sun-dresses or the desert Alexandrian garbs of her homeworld, upon her feet she either is wearing sandals or nothing at all. Her skin is tanned from time spent in the sun, her hair bearing blond streaks in it. Kalyndria appears to be very young, despite her years, due to the elven blood within her veins.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Upon her forehead is the crescent moon mark of the Stylaxian race, gold in color, signifying her female gender. Her ears bear a slight point to them as she is half-elven, and her brows tilt slightly as well.

General Attitude/Alignment: She is quite, observant.. not truely shy. There is something about her which commands the attention of a room if she should enter one.

Powers/Abilities: Kalyndria carries Temple training, as well as training from Zephyr-Xternal, and her own mother, Nissandra Xternal. She is a fully trained magi, and is also well trained in her telepathic abilities.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: an amulet, given to her by her mother to grant her the abilty to see Moonlit Castle through it's enchantment.

Familiars/Pets: Vishta, a brindle filly with a black mane and tail, equine/feline creation of Zephyr-Xternal.

Background: She was born, the embodiment of a love bore to Talon by Nissandra. She was raised at Moonlit, her age and growth accellerated by fae-growth given to her by Merloch, as she was very premature at birth. She entered the Temple of the Mages for training later in her teens, and suffered a possessing darkness which haunted her family. She has since recovered, yet is still trying to absorb all that has happend.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: Kalyndria was born deaf at birth, and thus can not hear as normal folks do. She does not speak aloud, bearing the exception of when Vishta is present, using telethapy or hand signs to communicate.

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Last updated: November 16, 2000