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Name: Garret Azrael Ashbourne

Nicknames: DragonGuard, Ash

Species/Race: 1/2 Elf

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Height: 5'10"

Appearance/Physical description: Garret has shoulder length blond hair that is wild at times and yet soft and very nice to the touch, regardless of how long it's been since it was last washed. He takes very good care of his body and in result has a streamlined and well built form, appearing to be strong and yet very graceful. His eyes always seem to glitter with mischief and mirth, especially when he's around those he likes.

Weapons/items: Garret carries a simple oaken staff, carved by hand and weighted to his satisfaction. He also bears a pair of daggers hidden in his boots and a short sword upon his side. As far as items go, he usually has with him a bag of holding carrying an assortment of strange and wonderous devices and things, brought from his home village to be sold out amongst the world. He also carries with him up to three bottles of a mysterious ointment that is known to heal and purify wounds rapidly, usually within mere moments.

Abilities/Magicks: Garret knows only basic magics, preferring not to rely on anything but his own skill and resourcefulness. He is very athletic, however and can execute many manuevers that most normal people cannot. Combined with his skill with his staff and sword, he's fairly capable of handing most situations when it comes to blows.

Nature/Alignment: Neutral Good

Artist: Chiho Saito

Other info: Garret is very attached to Nightfire and is currently seeking to bring into her life happiness, something that she's never felt before in her long past except for once. Slowly but surely, he fights to overcome the hurt and pain from her last encounter with love, wanting to prove to her that there are things in life that are worth enjoying and that hate and pain aren't the only things that it has to offer.

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