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Seas Caress ©2001, Tara Taylor Name: Danae Marr Darkwater

Nicknames/Titles: Day, Mermaid

Race/Species: Stylaxian Elf

Age: 17 years

Gender: Female

Height: 6 ft

Eye Color: the blue of the seas

Hair: sea green, waist length

General Description: Danae is naturally tanned as she was born of the seas. Her build is supply, yet not overly muscled, still retaining her feminine curves. More often than not she's seen wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, her hair worn either down, or in a braid.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Upon her forehead is the crescent moon mark of the Stylaxian race, gold in color, signifying her female gender.

General Attitude/Alignment: Danae is a playful flirt, curious to know about things around her. She's quick to assist in times of need, in any way she feels will help the best.

Powers/Abilities: Her powers lay in healing, yet she can use them for other purposes when she is in need. She has a natural elemental control of water, and as her spirit-bond animal is the sea dragon, she can take that form as well. The only mind powers she holds is mindspeak, though she an empath a well.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: none

Familiars/Pets: Laerrin, a golden elvensteed, stallion.

Background: Born after the Purges, she grew up in the loving environment of the remainder of the Stylaxian elf race. She and Kevala have been life long friends, thus when Danae chose to serve at White Dragon, Kevala went as well.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: none

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Last Updated: April 8, 2001