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Name: Ataru Moroboshi

Nicknames/Titles: Gaia's Hunter, Thunder-cat, Combat Kitty

Race/Species: Zooanthrope - Khan (Weretiger)

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Eye color: Jade Green

Hair color: Red with black streaks

General Description:

General Attitude/Alignment: He is a warrior and hunter, very dedicated to his Way of Life and to Gaia. A very spiritual being, he values honor and beliefs highly.

Powers/Abilities: Being a were-tiger, he has great physical strength and mobility and is quite agile. In addition, four times per day, he can call down the power of lightning and thunder upon his foes. He wears a battle-claw which when he focuses his gnosis (Werebeast energy, kinda like Chi) he can charge this claw with electricity which can inflict wicked damage and wounds upon those he strikes. His physical abilites and powers include heightened senses, lick wounds (a healing ability), killer's leap (he can jump extremely high and land from them safely), ability to walk silently even through "loud" environs such as forest floors with twigs and things. He has the ability to resist pain though this does not negate the wounds inflicted nor the pain that comes from them after the ability wears off. Finally, he has the ability to harden his flesh and muscle to become as tough as jade stone for about a half-hour. Finally, he has the ability of Umbral Walk, the Umbra being a world between worlds, so to speak... a Spirit World where physical rules do not apply.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: Battle-claw

Familiars/Pets: None

Background: Ataru had walked the Earth for a long time, protecting nature and life from the depridations of hunters and demonic forces hidden by the Veil there. One day, he slipped into a portal within the Umbra and wound up in the midst of a forest plagued by Djinns seeking souls. After fighting and slaying one, he met a woman named Dreanna Silvestri and together they traveled to the realm of Altreas, where they parted ways, Ataru heading off to the east and Dreanna to the west where the city was.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: Ataru is an excellent hunter and it's very hard to sneak up on him and catch him by surprise. He is friendly when calm and very hard to calm when he becomes suspicious or angry.

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