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Name: Andrea Marquise-Xternal

Nicknames/Titles: Andri

Race/Species: Half Valheru, Half Human, all Bastet; of the tribe, Bagheera

Age: 16 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Eye Color: Dark amber

Hair: Deep brown, almost black, with golden highlights

General Description: An exotic beauty, a mix of darkness and light, her body sennuous and graceful, a perfect combination of Valheru and Bastet. Flesh of olive color, accented by her dark tresses and dark liquid amber eyes, followed by the firm build of her body, curves in all the right places, she is much a temptation for any male and knows it. She wears a variety of clothing, all depending on her mood at the moment, and is ever subject to change when it suits her.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: None

General Attitude/Alignment: Quirky, though she'd never do anything truely cruel. She's quite playful, flirtatious, and seductive when the moods strike her.

Powers/Abilities: She has the power of the Fae, a gift from Puck. Being Bastet gives her four additional forms to her natural one, as well as gifts of Nature. Her Valheru half gives her an affinity for dragons, as well as minor control over the weaker ones.

Viewed Items/Personal Effects: At times she will bear a medallion of a dragon with ruby eyes, giving her access to Moonlit Castle at all hours of the day.

Familiars/Pets: Kayin Galain Darklighter, Stylaxian elf/Youko Prince, Crescent Dragon bond; Sebastian Kalzas

Background: Born of a night filled with lust and passion, shared by Sansa Silvermyst and Riptide Xternal, Andrea makes for an interesting combination. She was raised by her mother and Caleb Widow, along with her twin sister, Cynthisa. When she was but 10 years old, she received the gift of Puck's fae powers, and hence came to live with Zephyr-Xternal Darklighter with whom he had entrusted to teach Andrea the use of her new powers. Twas then she became endeared to the Darklighter family and they to her, Kayin especially, as he'd often give her rides in his dragon form. Altreas is much her second home, and the Stylaxians always beloved to her.

Special Intrest/Extra Information: As she is Bastet, she has five forms available for her to take: her normal Homid/humanoid form, Sokto, Crinos, Chatro,and Feline. Being of the tribe Bagheera, she is a panther, black panther. Due to her gift of fae powers and abilities, she is able to travel Underhill, and has established Valhera Marquellis, her own personal section of Underhill.

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